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SPART® is a young and dynamic start up, operating in the World of Sport, managed by professionals with a long experience in Fitness and Health Industry. We design and realize smart and effective training solutions, in order to give to fitness operators the tools to increase, satisfy and retain their customers. We don’t like to find customers for our products, but prefer looking for more suitable and functional solutions for any space where physical activity is performed.


Our main goal is to promote movement and physical activity, so that sport becomes the lifestyle of an increasing number of people.
We do this because we believe in the ethic value of sports culture and because we wish to live in a world where healthy, correct and pleasant physical activity can have an important social role.


We design and realize the widest range of equipment and products, to allow beginners a safety and pleasant workout and athletes to improve continuously their performance in any sport discipline: bodybuilding, functional training, cross training, powerlifting and so on.
We want to become the reference Brand for everyone who is focused on product quality, generating a relationship of mutual trust with the Customer.

We are professionals guided by a strong sport passion

SPART is a company born from the passion for sport of professionals who have been working in the professional health and fitness industry since the 1980s. The Company is a dynamic and young start up that, after having studied for several years the whole world training market, can nowadays offer equipment and training solutions for a smarter and more effective workout. We give to fitness operators the tools to increase, satisfy and retain customers. All of this pursuing the qualitative excellence of our products, the constant research towards innovation, the extreme attention towards the most demanding customers.
We don’t like to find customers for our products, but we work to serve the market with the most suitable and functional solutions (Smart Training Solutions).
Technical partnerships with training schools at a national level, with agonist Crossfit© Athletes who participate to international competitions and daily workout on our products, collaborations with sports and personal trainers and coaches allow us to constantly improve and update the range of our professional range of products. The appreciation that the market recognizes us allows us to look to the future with great optimism: growing together with you will be even more beautiful!


The name SPART® comes from the warriors of the ancient Greek city of Sparta, the city-state where the daily practice of calisthenic training, aimed at strengthening muscles, had created an invincible army, able to stand up to the much larger Persian army.

The maximum expression of the “ideal” physique and the cult of physical beauty still nowadays refer to Greek statues, and the myth of Olympia speaks to us of athletes with a sculpted physique capable of exceptional sports performances.
Our philosophy lies in considering training a means to improve strength, balance and body coordination, offering the best tools for calisthenic training, the most common form of free-body gymnastics, with exercises performed with the overload of one’s own body.

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