Our section dedicated to gym equipment for professional gyms and fitness centers owners.

SPART Fitness offers a wide range of professional strength and cardio fitness equipment, weights, flooring, accessories and furniture, designed specifically for the needs of fitness professionals.

Our gym equipment are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and are designed to offer high performance and durability, paying attention to design, compactness and ease of use.
From single stations to Dual combined machines, from benches to multi-stations in the most customizable combinations, we offer a vast selection of machines that allow you to perform the widest variety of exercises to train every muscle.
For cardio fitness, we have a full range including treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and rowing machines, all designed to provide an effective and engaging workout.
Our weights include a variety of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and lifting equipment, all made with high-quality materials to ensure maximum strength and durability.

To complete your gym, we also offer flooring specially designed for the fitness environment, for functional gyms and PT studios, accessories to improve the safety and comfort of your clients during workouts, and furniture components to ensure optimal organization of the space.

Choose SPART Fitness as your gym equipment supplier and offer your customers a professional and welcoming training environment.

Explore our wide selection of equipment.