Our section dedicated to Functional Training equipment for professional gyms and studios.

SPART Fitness offers a wide range of functional training equipment and accessories, including rigs, racks, weightlifting weights and accessories, medicine balls and much more.

Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of functional gyms and fitness centers.

Functional Training has become an essential element in training programming for modern gyms, thanks to its ability to improve users’ strength, stability and flexibility.

Our rigs and racks provide a solid frame and structure for functional training, while functional weights offer a wide range of options for lifting workout.

All our products are made from high quality materials and are designed to withstand intensive use in gyms.

Choose SPART Fitness as your Functional Training equipment supplier and offer your clients an engaging and effective functional training experience.

Explore our sections to find out all the products you need to enrich your gym’s Functional Training program.